Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I've recently joined an ATC swap group run by Julia.  It's a monthly swap where two people swap with each other.  My partner for April is Katie and here is the beautiful ATC that she made for me.

I absolutely love it!  This is the first ATC I have ever received and will cherish it for that reason and because I think it is so beautiful.  Thank you Katie x.

Here is the ATC that I made for her - this is the very first ATC that I have ever made and I was so worried that she wouldn't like it.  My fear is that it looks amateurish.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

1st April 2012

April 1st seems like a very appropriate date for me to start a blog!

I've finally jumped into the water and now I shall try to swim, metaphorically speaking of course.  I have no idea how this blog is going to pan out but time will tell - it always does.

I'm working on a few projects at the moment but nothing completed as yet so no photos to show.  I've recently joined a couple of ATC swap communities and will have to get my finger out and get on with something - my only problem is that I've never made an ATC before and I'm a little anxious that people will be disappointed with what I produce.  However, I shall get going and live in the belief that practise makes perfect ... well, that's probably expecting a little too much but you know what I mean.

Watch this space!